Caroline Fernandes

Heart Led Human, TIR Global

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Caroline is an International Speaker I Coach I Host I Mentor:with 2 decades of experience in facilitating transformation in corporate. She is an Award-winning Inclusion Champion leads a 6-year-old inclusive global community as well as champions the cause of inclusion through diversity.

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My book, 'Becoming YOU: Stories of Courage & Vulnerability ', that describes several human challenges that we can all relate to, but also how we all have the ability to ride through those challenges to make them our best way to grow and unfold is out NOW!!! This book has many other experiences, practices and breakthroughs revealed within it because I consciously involved 5 people from 4 different countries, to bring forth the meaning and benefit of getting to understand the heart of being human, overriding our diversity but also celebrating those unique perspectives to life, transitions in life and how we choose to listen to lifes lessons through our experiences. Through the book, you walk with each of us, and feel our struggle. But each author here wants to tell you that you too can choose to consciously Become, and that through this collective engagement, you are jot alone in this journey of life You can pick up your copy of the book in the url below


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Caroline Fernandes

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