Vivian Acquah Joanna Rawbone

Amplify DEI Behind The Scenes With Joanna Rawbone

A Talk by Vivian Acquah and Joanna Rawbone

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About this Talk

Learn more about Joanna Rawbone in this conversation, and why She chose If silence is golden why do we think the outspoken are management and leadership material? How the extraversion bias has unbalanced business as her presentation.

About The Speakers

Vivian Acquah

Vivian Acquah

Workplace Wellness Advocate, Viva La Vive

Let's Humanize The Workplace

Joanna Rawbone

Joanna Rawbone

Change Agent and Introvert Advocate, Flourishing Introverts (part of Scintillo Ltd)

TEDx speaker, MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies and Podcast host.