Rishita Jones Vivian Acquah

Amplify DEI Behind The Scenes With Rishita Jones

A Talk by Vivian Acquah and Rishita Jones

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About this Talk

Learn more about Rishita Jones in this conversation, and why She chose Looking at the workplace through a different lens as her presentation.

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About The Speakers

Vivian Acquah

Vivian Acquah

Workplace Wellness Advocate, Viva La Vive

Let's Humanize The Workplace

Rishita Jones

Rishita Jones

HR Transformation Specialist | Agile HR Practioner | Design Thinking for Employee Experience, NRG-HR

Masters in Human Resource Management | Bachelors in Psychology | Certified Agile HR and Agile Leadership Practitioner | Agile Project Management | Design Thinking for Employee Experience