Vivian Acquah Toni McLelland MSc

Amplify DEI Behind The Scenes With Toni McLelland MSc

A Talk by Vivian Acquah and Toni McLelland MSc

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About this Talk

Learn more about Toni McLelland MSc in this conversation, and why she chose "Why wait until the building is on fire!! 10 top nuggets on Equality (Equity) Diversity & Inclusion to keep the fires at bay!" as her presentation.

About The Speakers

Vivian Acquah

Vivian Acquah

Workplace Wellness Advocate, Viva La Vive

Let's Humanize The Workplace

Toni McLelland MSc

Toni McLelland MSc

Critical Friend, Intermediary & Business Mentor, 1st Life Consultancy Group- Culture Business & Leadership

Critical Friend, Intermediary & Business Mentor. Masters Degree in applied criminology, learning and behaviour. 30 years experience specialising in crisis management, transformation, culture & change across all sectors.