Daniela Felletti

Bringing the sense of belonging by applying the inclusive leadership approach

A Talk by Daniela Felletti (Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Advocate, Talents Connection)

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About this Talk

Inclusive leadership is a unique and essential capacity that helps organisations adapt to any situation, embrace change in a more innovative and creative way while being fair.

Session Takeaway

In this session we aim to work in some of the main character traits to be an inclusive leader: Empathy, Humility, and Awareness of Bias therefore discuss how to create a culture of belonging.

Facts Related To The Presentation

  • Developing a balance between your Emotional & Cognitive Empathy together with Humility is the key to become an active listener and be open to accept its own bias and eradicate discrimination in the workplace.
  • According to Harvard Business Review (2019), leaders who consciously practice inclusive leadership and actively develop their capability will see the results in the superior performance of their diverse teams.

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About The Speakers

Daniela Felletti

Daniela Felletti

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Advocate, Talents Connection

Educating humans into a more inclusive world!