YeSeul Kim

Building Community as An Outsider

A Talk by YeSeul Kim (Storyteller & Community Organizer, Humans of Treviso)

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About this Talk

How does an MIT grad, American, daughter of Koreans and a businesswoman, dropped in the middle of Italy in the Veneto region amidst anti-immigration conservatives grow up to be a community organizer and humanize the city?

Session Takeaways

Whether you're feeling marginalized at work or in your city, take control of your narrative. Be proactive in creating a community by being brave, putting yourself out there, and listening to other people's stories.

Fact Related To This Presentation

According to PEW, 19% of adults said they knew all of their neighbors. (48%) say they trust some or none of their neighbors. Yet individuals with stronger social relationships had a 50% increased likelihood of survival.Although digital connectivity has hit an all-time high, loneliness rates have doubled from 20% in the 1980s to 40% in 2017. Knowing your neighbor can combat that.

About The Speakers

YeSeul Kim

YeSeul Kim

Storyteller & Community Organizer, Humans of Treviso