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Dr. "Bowtie" Todd Jenkins

Building Inclusion from a Distance: COVID- 19 and Beyond.

A Talk by Dr. "Bowtie" Todd Jenkins (Global Inclusion Leader, Strategist, Speaker, & Author, Bowtie Leadership and Development, Inc.)

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About this Talk

In our current climate, D, E, & I matters the most. We are in a situation where our employees, customers, & communities must remain connected. Covid-19 has bought many challenges but also tremendous opportunities to grow better and stronger together. This session will be practical & action-packed.

Session Takeaways

  1. Foundational Terms of DEI
  2. Leading through Crisis: Bringing out the Best in Team o DEI -Risk, Operations, & Values
  3. New Normal Action Steps: Maintaining/Promoting Inclusion through Covid-19 and beyond o B.O.W-TIE Top 5

Facts Related To This Presentation

For business executives the world over, the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be one of the greatest leadership tests of their careers. Not only must they protect the health of their employees and customers, they must also navigate far-reaching disruption to their operations, plan for recovery, and prepare to reimagine their business models for the next normal. D&I are at risk in the crisis—but are critical for business recovery, resilience, and reimagination. -Mckinsey & CO. 2020

About The Speaker

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Dr. "Bowtie" Todd Jenkins

Dr. "Bowtie" Todd Jenkins

Global Inclusion Leader, Strategist, Speaker, & Author, Bowtie Leadership and Development, Inc.

Categories Covered

Unconscious Bias

Ethical & Cultural Differences

Employee Resources Groups (ERG)

Leadership & Management

Talent Development & Advancement

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