Yonason Goldson

Cultural Fruit Salad: Deconstructing the Ethics of Diversity

A Talk by Rabbi Yonason Goldson (Ethical leadership speaker and coach, Ethical Imperatives, LLC)

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About this Talk

How do we prevent diversity from undermining inclusion, tolerance from promoting intolerance, and intellectual inquiry from being censured as hate speech? Discover how leaders can build a culture of trust in which differences become a source of strength and unity.

Session Takeaways

Define and evaluate three models of diversity and their effectiveness Illustrate how poor communication and false assumptions erode trust Outline 5 steps to create a culture of mutual respect

Facts Related To This Presentation

According to Paul Zak in HBR:

employees at high-trust companies have 11% more empathy for their workmates, depersonalize them 41% less often, experience 40% less burnout from their work, and feel 41% more accomplished;

employees at high-trust companies report having 106% more energy and being 76% more engaged at work.

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About The Speakers

Yonason Goldson

Rabbi Yonason Goldson

Ethical leadership speaker and coach, Ethical Imperatives, LLC

Author and columnist on ethics, communication, and DEI/ TEDx speaker: "Hitchhiking, fundamentalism, and the art of ethical communication"/ Scholar and teacher of rabbinic law and Jewish philosophy/ Keynote speaker, trainer and coach/ Retired career high school teacher