Tanya Obeng

Decolonising education

A Talk by Tanya Obeng (Communication Doctor, Communication Doctor)

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About this Talk

The idea of colonialism is a conscious way of falsing one's belief system, structures, and ideas onto another human.

I believe in allowing people to consciously create and understand their own beliefs without negative influences. Decolonising education creates another avenue for real unity.

Session Takeaways

  1. Understanding colonisation and the negative impact it has had in education
  2. recognising the history that created the idea of racism
  3. learning how to connect with others through a decolonised education system

Facts Related To This Presentation

Studies show that ethnic minority applicants to the most selective universities are less likely to receive offers, even when they may have the same grades as their white counterparts Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews known as prestigious universities languish at the bottom in terms of social inclusion. The government’s own figures show serious disparities in academic attainment, with only 56 per cent of black students achieving a First of 2:1, compared to 80 per cent of their white peers.

About The Speakers

Tanya Obeng

Tanya Obeng

Communication Doctor, Communication Doctor