Mary Jane Roy

Discrimination and the Stress Response

A Talk by Mary Jane Roy (Creating Waves, Creating Waves)

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About this Talk

Recent research shows that gene expression is altered in black people to a higher degree by stress, which could lead to greater health risks. How does discrimination (color, creed, age, gender, disabilities, sexual preference, and more) affect the stress response? What are some strategies to minimize the health risks?

Session Takeaways

A basic understanding of the stress response in humans. The implications of altered gene expression in the stress response for blacks experiencing discrimination. Taking away at least one strategy to reverse or minimize the stress response and hence the altered gene expression.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Recent research at the Health Psychology Lab at USC shows that chronic stress affects specific genes responsible for turning on and off our innate immunity. They studied the RNA of white and black participants and learned that blacks have a higher expression of genes which promote inflammation and a decrease in genes that would normally promote an anti-viral response. Perceived discrimination accounted for more than 50% of the genes involved in promoting inflammation.

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Mary Jane Roy

Mary Jane Roy

Creating Waves, Creating Waves

Mary Jane is certified, among others, as a : Stress Resiliency Coach | Happiness@Work Coach | Stress Counselor | Foundations of Positive Psychology Univ. of Penn | Science of Well-being Yale Univ. | Skogsfloating Trainer | Sleep Coach | NLP Master Practitioner. All have added to her mastery of the skills needed to thrive. She has moderated panels for the Rise & Lead Summit in 2019, the WiT Regatta in 2018 and 2019, and was a panelist for the GTD (Getting Things Done) Summit in 2019.