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Lara Manqui

Dispelling the Myth of Meritocracy and other Beliefs that Hold us Back

A Talk by Lara Manqui (Growth coach to Female Technologists and Social Justice warrior, Flourish Empowerment Coaching & Consulting)

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About this Talk

Ideas such as meritocracy, individualism, and equal opportunity are common place in our organizations and seam to assist our career growth. In reality, these beliefs are the ones holding us back.

Which principles can genuinely support the advancement of diverse talent and how may we approach them?

Session Takeaways

· Bring awareness to common beliefs that hide inequalities in the workplace. · Discover/recognize better ways of thinking around what constitutes professional behaviour, how careers are built, and opportunities are offered. · Learn first steps to phasing out flawed ideologies.

Fact Related To This Presentation

·Studies by the U of Indiana show that when a company’s core values emphasized meritocratic values, those in managerial positions awarded a larger monetary reward to male employees than to equally performing diverse employees. In a MIT study companies implemented a merit-driven compensation system intended to reward all employees equitably. Diverse employees received a smaller increase in compensation compared to white men, despite holding the same jobs and receiving the same performance review.

About The Speaker

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Lara Manqui

Lara Manqui

Growth coach to Female Technologists and Social Justice warrior, Flourish Empowerment Coaching & Consulting

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