Ellen Wagner

Diversity - not only a slogan, but essential for health and thriving

A Talk by Ellen Wagner (Diversity & Expat Coach; Anti-Racism Expert, cross cultural bridges - wagner coaching LLC)

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Employees who are facing discrimination are not able to use their full potential at their workplace. A major part of their energy is used for keeping up their well being. Learn why self-empowerment is essential for mental health of marginalized groups and how this benefits both – employees and employers.

Session Takeaways

I want to share my experiences and talk about what it is like to be different, what it can do to us and what all this has to do with our health

Fact Related To This Presentation

I know what I am talking about when I talk about diversity. I grew up as the only BIPoC in my hometown in Germany, I was adopted by White parents and live together with my wife and daughter.

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Ellen Wagner

Ellen Wagner

Diversity & Expat Coach; Anti-Racism Expert, cross cultural bridges - wagner coaching LLC

Certified Coach and Change Manager, Diploma in Business Administration

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