Marleen Mulder

Exclusion: can you FEEL it?

A Talk by Marleen Mulder (Exclusion Expert, The xGen)

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About this Talk

If you want to reach inclusion, you first need to feel exclusion. Are you open to try? Grow from experience and become empowered to lead the change. Small consist steps will get you there.

Session Takeaways

  1. Get familiar with the feeling of exclusion, to be able to reach inclusion
  2. Tips & tools to start the Inclusion conversation yourself
  3. Exclusion Antenna give-away

Facts Related To This Presentation

70% of job seekers want to work for a company that demonstrates a commitment to D&I - The Manifest, 2020 Companies with gender diversity are 25% more likely to have above average profitability - McKinsey&Company - "Learning is experience. Everything else is just information" - Albert Einstein

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About The Speakers

Marleen Mulder

Marleen Mulder

Exclusion Expert, The xGen