Gil Cohen

How ‘Culture’ Became an Incoherent Buzzword and Set Back DEI

A Talk by Gil Cohen (Employee Experience Activist, Employee Experience Design)

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About this Talk

The term Culture has become a buzzword and lost meaning at most companies, making it entirely subjective. As a result, people have been using it (consciously or not) to perpetuate bias in the workplace. By creating clarity and common language, culture can be built to support DEI.

Session Takeaways

  • The way culture has been used has had a negative impact on DEI
  • The problem comes from incoherence in how people use the word leading to bias in implementation
  • Creating a common language is key to limiting the biases created by this issue

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • Nine out of 10 Canadian (90 per cent) and U.S. (91 per cent) managers said a candidate's fit with the organizational culture is equal to or more important than their skills and experience.
  • Interviewees are judged based on their social status within seconds after they start speaking.
  • People glorify the cultures of places like Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft. Yet, the statistics on their diversity have barely changed since committing to do so in 2014.

About The Speakers

Gil Cohen

Gil Cohen

Employee Experience Activist, Employee Experience Design