Perrine Farque

How To Tackle Unconscious Bias In The Workplace

A Talk by Perrine Farque (Diversity Consultant, Inspired Human)

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About this Talk

Unconscious bias affects our decisions all the time, especially in the workplace. In this presentation, we will look at the definition of unconscious bias, we will explore the impact it can have at work and we will offer some suggestions for mitigating bias in the workplace.

Session Takeaways

  • Understand how unconscious bias is impacting the organisation
  • Learn some practical tips to prevent unconscious bias
  • Discover how to create sustainable strategies to mitigate bias

Facts Related to This Presentation

-A 2018 ICM poll found that 53% of people from a minority background in the UK believed they had been treated differently because of their hair, clothes or appearance, compared with 29% of white people.

-The same survey found that 43% of those from a minority ethnic background had been overlooked for a work promotion in a way that felt unfair in the last five years.

About The Speakers

Perrine Farque

Perrine Farque

Diversity Consultant, Inspired Human