Joanna Rawbone

If silence is golden why do we favour the outspoken for management and leadership positions? How the extraversion bias has unbalanced business

A Talk by Joanna Rawbone (Change Agent and Introvert Advocate, Flourishing Introverts (part of Scintillo Ltd))

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About this Talk

Having spent 26 years coaching and training 000’s of international clients Joanna has seen how problematic this largely unnoticed bias can be. The lack of awareness & understanding evidenced through common business practices negatively impacts employee engagement, productivity and retention.

Session Takeaways

During this webinar we’ll explore this aspect of neurodiversity so you understand - the key points of difference and common points of tension - where the typical examples of extraversion bias hang-out - the opportunities for better inclusion

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • Some of the world’s greatest leaders are introverts, so if unconscious bias in an organisation is holding them back, you’re leaving precious talent on the table.
  • There are 6 different types on introverts and a multitude of unique combinations so you can’t judge an introvert by their label

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How to Manage Introverts so they can flourish


About The Speaker

Joanna Rawbone

Joanna Rawbone

Change Agent and Introvert Advocate, Flourishing Introverts (part of Scintillo Ltd)

TEDx speaker, MSc in Change Agent Skills & Strategies and Podcast host.