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Inclusion by design, not as an afterthought - just imagine!

A talk by Garry Turner
Vulnerability, Inclusion & Human-Centred Design Champion / Advisor to Aequip, Value through Vulnerability podcast

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About this talk

It is time to stop reverse-engineering inclusion. It is time to start designing our organisations with every human being in mind so that we can unleash more of the extra €0.67c in the €1 that Gallup has told us for over 20 years is being lost due to widespread disengagement at work.

Session Takeaways

  1. Motivate and support increased challenging of the status quo, constructively
  2. Evidenced actions that can be taken to progress the inclusion agenda effectively

Facts Related To This Presentation

The most recent CIPD membership survey revealed that 74% of its members are female and 88% are white. Such an obvious lack of diversity in the profession begs the question: is HR hypocritical?

Apart from its obvious negative impact on African American individuals, families, and communities, the racial wealth gap constrains the entire US economy. In a previous report, McKinsey projected that closing the racial wealth gap could net the US economy between $1.1 trillion and $1.5 trillion by 2028.

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The Have Courage e-book contains within it 23 interviews and 3 key learning takeaways per speaker, with leading leadership, inclusion and business leaders. Guests include Whitney Johnson, Debra Ruh, Tiphanie Jamieson, Richard Gerver, Laurie Reuttimann, Peter Bregman, David Burkus, Claude Silver, Kimberly Davis and many more. At the time of putting on this summit I was not as aware as to the lack of diversity of my speaker base. Today I would lay on a much more diverse summit, that said, the content and 3 x key takeaway per speaker is a valuable resource.

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Garry Turner

Value through Vulnerability podcast host Human-centered change lead Level 7 Org design & Development level 5 Learning & Development Chartered Member of the CIPD

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