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Leading Virtual Transformation: Realizing a fully distributed experience

A talk by Imran Rehman
Leading Virtual Transformation: Realizing a fully distributed experience, Kokoro Beratungsgesellschaft mbH

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About this talk

This presentation is about how to build the foundation to support any successful distributed or virtual transformation: hands-on and with the little things done well.

Session Takeaways

We'll cover the science of employee experience in relation to transformation for a distributed workforce. What structures and practices create ideal environments for them and provide you hands-on and practical actions that can be applied to your company’s transformation experience.

Fact Related To This Presentation

  • employee experience predicts business performance: increases customer satisfaction twofold, doubles the revenue from innovation and ups profitabiltiy by up to 25% in comparison to competitors.
  • did you know that psychological safety builds speed, sense of belonging direction and collective the staying-power needed to see any transformation through?

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1 x 120 minute free-consultation on what matters most when measuring employee experience and how to track it in transformation.

We will help you focus on what you need to measure to get to the heart of employee experience, and how you can build the mechanisms of responsibility and accountability in a remote setting to get your smallest and best performing units of your organisation to thrive. Check out our demo below and connect with us through the last page and with the get in touch button.

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Imran Rehman

Keynotes / talks / working sessions on the science of belonging and performance, virtual transformation and building more inclusive workplaces.

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