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Mike Vacanti

Leading with humanity

A Talk by Mike Vacanti (Author, Founder, Consultant, MJVacanti)

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About this Talk

A walk through the compelling evidence that the path we are on is neither desirable nor sustainable, and we have a clear to move in a new direction, adopting models of leadership and business structure that put humans first.

Session Takeaways Understand and work on the 4 living principles of transformation in leadership.

Fact Related To The Presentation Over 80% of change initiatives fail.8 Cost is more than $1 trillion Toxic work environments cause 120,000 unnecessary deaths each year. Your boss has a greater impact on your health than your doctor. $600B Health Sources: 8 Conversation with Michael Gale, Digital Helix Why 84% Of Companies Fail At Digital Transformation Bruce Rogers Forbes Jan 7, 2016 9 Worldwide Semiannual Digital Transformation Spending Guide, (IDC) forecasts global DX spending to reach $1.18 trillion. (page 13 BELIEVERSHIP)

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Mike Vacanti

Mike Vacanti

Author, Founder, Consultant, MJVacanti

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