Bernice Feller-Thijm

Multiply the Pie - How inclusive diversity leads to innovation and sustainable growth.

A Talk by Bernice Feller-Thijm (Inclusion Strategist and Team Performance Coach, JustB)

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About this Talk

We all have different perspectives & qualities. Multiple studies have shown diverse workplaces lead to better results. In short: innovation = diversity x interaction. Inclusion is a requirement for effective interaction. Being able to disagree and consequently coming to new realisations is key!

Session Takeaways

  • Understanding why inclusion leads to innovation
  • What is needed to embed inclusive diversity within organisational culture
  • Tips on where to start

Facts Related To The Presentation

  • According to a Harvard Business Review study, “Without diverse leadership, women are 20% less likely than straight white men to win endorsement for their ideas; people of color are 24% less likely; and [those who identify as] LGBT are 21% less likely.”

  • Organizations with above-average gender diversity and levels of employee engagement outperform companies with below-average diversity and engagement by 46% to 58%. (Fast Company)

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About The Speakers

Bernice Feller-Thijm

Bernice Feller-Thijm

Inclusion Strategist and Team Performance Coach, JustB