Andreea Jora-Boerosu

Parenthood and personal leadership

A Talk by Andreea Jora-Boerosu (Senior Manager @ EY advocate for customized career journeys, EY)

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About this Talk

For new parents returning to work, every day can bring at least one A-HA moment in a humbling but uplifting experience. This is even harder during COVID-19. How can (new) working parents embrace that their new experiences can further develop their resilience and personal leadership journey.

Session Takeaways

  1. Acknowledging the new challenges and finding new allies
  2. Discuss tips and tricks for transition period.
  3. Strategies for reaping benefits of parenthood

Facts Related To This Presentation

Very often parents feel they have to choose between EARNING and CARING - and failing at both. In a COVID-19 world, returning to work seems to leave parents without a choice at all.

About The Speaker

Andreea Jora-Boerosu

Andreea Jora-Boerosu

Senior Manager @ EY advocate for customized career journeys, EY