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Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

Pillow Talk - The Deep Relationship Between Mental Health and Diversity

A Talk by Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson (Head of Free Choices, Free Choices: Diverse Mental Health)

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About this Talk

Good Bedfellows: The coming together of Mental health and Diversity. For us all to have meaningful, positive and productive mental health & well-being, issues related to diversity and inclusion are essential. Developing mental well-being diversity perspectives for healthier, happier work cultures.

Session Takeaways

  1. Develop awareness around Diversity, Inclusion & Mental Health / Illness
  2. Understand factors, which lead to higher levels of poor mental health and illness in women and people from diverse backgrounds
  3. Build perspectives, which promote & support mentally healthy & inclusive work cultures

About The Speaker

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Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

Caroline Ribeiro-Nelson

Head of Free Choices, Free Choices: Diverse Mental Health

Categories Covered

Unconscious Bias

Ethical & Cultural Differences

People of Colour


Leadership & Management


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