Regina Lawless

Slay Your Career - Strategies of Success for Women of Color

A Talk by Regina Lawless (Director Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Micron Technology)

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Unconscious bias, lack of support and few role models are just a few of the challenges women of color face when trying to advance to leadership roles. Learn some practical strategies you can use to own your full identity and slay at the office.

Session Takeaways - Understand the benefits of tapping into your unique lived experience as a women of color to advance your career. - Learn some practical tips to navigate the challenges often faced by women of color in the workplace

Facts Related To This Presentation According to Harvard Business Review, despite representing 18% of the US population, women of color represented only 4% of C-level positions in 2018. Globally, the share of women in senior leadership is increasing incrementally - with women holding 29% of senior management roles in 2019.

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About The Speakers

Regina Lawless

Regina Lawless

Director Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, Micron Technology

MSOD, DISC Certification, Zenger-Folkman 360 Certification, Enrolled in NeuroLeadership Institute Brain-Based Coaching Certification