Nikki Adamson

Supporting Parents at Work

A Talk by Nikki Adamson (Founder + Mama, Hustle Hunters)

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About this Talk

Our workplaces weren't designed to support today's families. We'll dive into tangible flexibility and how to reframe the conversation so that employees feel supported and are set up to do their best work so that the company can thrive and accomplish big goals!

Session Takeaways

  • How to foster a culture of support for parents
  • Tactics to implement today!
  • Resources to explore for longer-term solutions

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • 43% of moms take a career detour after having a child (Lean In).
  • 46% of couples with kids are dual-earning households (The Fix).

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About The Speakers

Nikki Adamson

Nikki Adamson

Founder + Mama, Hustle Hunters