Bogdan Manta

Identity. Behavior. Online.

A Talk by Bogdan Manta (Behavioral Science Jedi, The Essential Workshops)

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We didn't come this far, to only come this far!

We will dive into understanding the identity and behavior of professionals online: the psychology, the biology & the technology and how they impact diversity, inclusion and equality (The concept of the self. Identity expression and identity exposure. Masking identity. Online interactivity. Online reality).

Whatever you think or expect from this session, it is so much more!

Session Takeaways

Delivering insights on people's behavior online, their non-verbal communication queues, the sense of online identity, the concept of masking identity online, identity expression, and the progression from offline to online. Diving into connecting unconscious biases with inclusion, social mobility, trans-inclusive workplace, and the online concept of the self.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Behavioral profiling. Non-verbal communication. Online identity & Online reality. The concept of the self online. Identity expression and identity exposure. Masking identity. Online interactivity.

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About The Speakers

Bogdan Manta

Bogdan Manta

Behavioral Science Jedi, The Essential Workshops

Behavioral Science Jedi | Online Show Producer | Digital Communication Expert | Non-Verbal Communication SME | Behavioral Profiler