Jacqueline Bencosme

The gap between accepting and doing the right thing

A Talk by Jacqueline Bencosme (Sales executive & women and inclusion advocate, MessageBird)

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About this Talk

This 2020 has been a lot about fighting for minorities, diversity, and inclusion. What are you doing today about it?

Find about top-notch companies' statements on diversity & inclusion and practical ways on what you can do today.

Session Takeaways

  • Show what other leaders are doing to create inclusion
  • Put the focus on biases that are slowing us down
  • Facilitate practical ways to act today

Facts Related To This Presentation

Ingrained prejudices become self-perpetuating through ‘confirmation bias’, whereby we seek evidence to confirm that our original perception was correct.

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About The Speaker

Jacqueline Bencosme

Jacqueline Bencosme

Sales executive & women and inclusion advocate, MessageBird

Woman & inclusion advocate with a multicultural and humanistic perspective