Eva Visser Plaza

Unlock Your Feminine Leadership Potential

A Talk by Eva Visser Plaza (Feminine Leadership Advocate, Eva Authentic Living)

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About this Talk

This presentation gives you a different paradigm on Feminine Leadership and tips and tools to embody that in your life and work.

Session Takeaways

  • Embody your full Potential
  • Learn to navigate fears
  • Create a natural foundation of trust

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"It is crucial to remember that women are not born feeling less-than. But if you are continually treated as though you are, you eventually internalise it. And this is not merely a synonym for low confidence – impostor syndrome is the logical outcome of a world that was never designed for women to be successful. It is time we stopped seeing the problem as being women’s refusal to believe in themselves and rather a world that actively refuses to believe in women. Quote from Yomi Adegoke.

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How to unlock your feminine leadership potential


The offer is to have a session of 60 minutes with me where we focus on what get's in the way of being the feminine leader you want to become. So that you grow as a feminine leader in your work and life. You receive a 35% discount on a 1-1 coaching session for being an Amplify DEI participant.


About The Speaker

Eva Visser Plaza

Eva Visser Plaza

Feminine Leadership Advocate, Eva Authentic Living