Melissa Romero

What's stopping us from achieving a more equal world?

A Talk by Melissa Romero (Co-Founder Lean In Netherlands, Lean In Netherlands)

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About this Talk

Everyone agrees that equality is important. Some even think we are already there; yet the numbers tell us a different story. Sadly, despite all our good efforts, implicit bias are holding minorities back. It is time to tackle them head on. Here's how.

Session Takeaways

  • Learn what are the drivers of the big gender gap at the top
  • Identify the key reason why this happens
  • Get tools to tackle them and get hands-on

Facts Related To The Presentation

Over 50% of graduates and entry level corporate employees are women. By the time they get to management position, only 25%, which becomes 6% at CEO level. Let that sink...

About The Speaker

Melissa Romero

Melissa Romero

Co-Founder Lean In Netherlands, Lean In Netherlands