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Why Great Leaders Create Psychological Safety

A talk by Peter Griffiths
Leadership Coach & Creativity Catalyst, The Mind Takeaway

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About this talk

Great leaders create the right conditions for their people to feel safe and do their best work. They do that by listening to their teams, allowing differences of opinion, freedom to fail and create learning opportunities for growth.

Session Takaways

To shine a light on the power of vulnerability in Leadership Learn how to create the right conditions for people to feel safe and bring the best out of them.

Facts Related To This Presentation

Psychological safety cannot be learned in a classroom, it is something you have to experience for yourself and create it in the workplace. Google did a study for over two years called Project Aristotle, including 180 teams to find out the characteristics of effective performance, which allow people to collaborate and be productive. The study concluded to everyone's surprise that psychological safety was one of the top five characteristics of high performance and successful teams.

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Practical workshop: Psychological Safety for Leaders and People Managers (worth £150)

First of all, thank you for taking part in the Amplify DEI Summit. As our way of saying thank you, I want to support you further, by creating a workshop just for you. Join me on Thursday, 12th November at 7 PM CET. There are loads of good advice out there, books and strategies, training; however, we tend not to apply a lot of what we learn practically in the real-world when it matters. I would like you to take away as much as possible from this summit from my talk and implement it in your work as soon as you can. There is a big difference between someone else's good idea and your embodied understanding of how something works. When it comes to psychological safety, everything lies in our own experience. I have seen this time and time again working with leaders and mentoring managers; people need to go out in the world to understand what works and what doesn't work for them and why. We all need to try, test and fail to learn. I learned this way too. And I would like to make it easier for you; this workshop isn't just for me to tell you how to do things but for you to ask questions and get insights about how can you do your work better or differently; in a way that is more congruent with who you are. And you will be able to replicate this every time. During this workshop, I intend to help you understand - How can you create the right conditions for psychological safety in the workplace and how will this then affect your work and the team's performance in the future. We will be exploring what I mentioned during the presentation: How to Listen The importance of allowing differences of opinion Freedom to fail and make mistakes How to create learning opportunities for growth And more For this workshop delivery, we are using Zoom and the virtual rooms for group exercises.

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