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Rishita Jones

Looking at the workplace through a different lens

A Talk by Rishita Jones (HR Transformation Specialist | Agile HR Practioner | Design Thinking for Employee Experience, NRG-HR)

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About this Talk

We don’t know what we don’t know. And we don’t know what somebody else knows, unless we ask.

Looking at the workplace through a different lens is about the real story behind the story.

I want to tell you about Sally. I want to tell you her story. Not the story we tell ourselves when we look at someone through our lens. But the story that shapes how we view ourselves and how we create our place in the world. And, most crucially perhaps, how the way we see and treat others influences the kind of opportunities they will be able to create for themselves as a result.

Sally's story will help us uncover how we can create more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces by understanding our own and others’ frames of references.

Session Takeaways

After this session you will have the tools to:

  1. Understand there are different frames of references that shape your behaviour and expectations in life and the workplace

  2. Uncover another person’s frame of references

  3. Combat inequity in the workplace

Facts Related To This Presentation

Teaching employees about DEI is not like teaching them an excel course or how to put together a powerpoint presentation. DEI is deeply personal, touching on individual’s core beliefs. When talking about DEI, to be effective and relevant, we need to be talking about how people were raised, what the dinner time conversations were, what type of school they went to, what happened in their neighborhoods.

About The Speaker

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Rishita Jones

Rishita Jones

HR Transformation Specialist | Agile HR Practioner | Design Thinking for Employee Experience, NRG-HR

Masters in Human Resource Management | Bachelors in Psychology | Certified Agile HR and Agile Leadership Practitioner | Agile Project Management | Design Thinking for Employee Experience

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