Sesen Tesfay

Zooming out of DI by transforming leadership culture - AND keeping E

A Talk by Sesen Tesfay (Organizational Transformation Advisor, Transformation & Change Manager)

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Keeping E - the misunderstanding of the word (how not to...real examples) Understanding how companies damage themselves through poor leadership and preventing (D)E(I)

Session Takeaways 1. Work on and understand yourself first, before you focus on others 2. Identify, understanding and rejecting external pressures 3. How to keep your personal safe space

Facts Related To This Presentation "Disrespectful behavior costs companies $14,000 per employee due to lost productivity..." (according to a study, University of Michigan)

About The Speakers

Sesen Tesfay

Sesen Tesfay

Organizational Transformation Advisor, Transformation & Change Manager