Caroline Fernandes

How might we Transmute Hidden Human pain to Nurture Hidden Potential in workplaces

A Talk by Caroline Fernandes (Heart Led Human, TIR Global)

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The Global workplace has hidden pain around being human. If we begin to attend to the human pain hidden beneath the ambition and structure - we can then begin to recognize hidden collective potential

Session Takeaways

  • Recognizing the human struggle beneath the surface and how it relates to engagement and productivity
  • Introducing the relevance of creating & nurturing the field of safe space
  • Vulnerability Conversation

Facts Related To This Presentation

  • Toxic positivity is when somebody tries to override the other person’s actual emotions about a situation,” explains Bianca L. Rodriguez, a licensed psychotherapist in California.
  • One of the primary issues with toxic positivity is that those who are possessed by it fail to listen.
  • 'Be Happy'/ "Never give up"- Such statements make it less likely to share ideas and be creative in the workplace, which can become the source of business setbacks.

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Caroline Fernandes

Caroline Fernandes

Heart Led Human, TIR Global